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Segunda-feira, 06.11.06

Brian Crowley, on behalf of the UEN Group . –

Mr President, I would like to join with my colleagues in saying that today is a very sensitive occasion for us in Parliament. In all our deliberations we have to remember the victims of terrorist violence and, today in particular, the victims of ETA violence in Spain over the last few years. But we must also look to the future and ensure that there are no more victims, because political solutions will be found to the differences in Spain, France, and the European Union as a whole.
I believe it is wrong to draw parallels or to say all processes are exactly the same. However, previous peace processes can act as a guide to what might happen, the kind of difficulties to be overcome and the challenges to be faced. If dialogue is to succeed, both sides must be open. You cannot talk about a future process with one hand tied behind your back. You have to ensure that those with whom you have a dialogue are committed to reaching a compromise and finding a solution. And the most important thing to remember is that when you go into a peace process you have to make peace with your enemies, not with your friends, and that can create a lot of internal difficulties.
The opportunities now presented to us by this process should be grasped, but it should not be predetermined that everybody gets what they want. It is most important that we do not point the finger of blame at someone else from the Popular Party or from the Socialist Party, but encourage the main forces of democracy in Spain to unite in finding a solution for all of the people of Spain (ENCORAJAR AS PRINCIPAIS FORÇAS DEMOCRÁTICAS EM ESPANHA PARA UNIDAS ENCONTRAR UMA SOLUÇÃO PARA TODOS OS POVOS DA ESPANHA) and not to be driven down the road of division and dissension. That is not in any way to undermine or to ignore the suffering people have gone through.
Can any of us imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one because of a so-called political cause? We in Ireland know what that is like – there have been 3 000 victims of terrorist violence in Ireland over the last 30 years – and yet we could find a way forward and bring extreme opinions together. An opportunity does present itself if people genuinely want to act.
Opportunity comes to pass but not to pause. Let us seize the opportunity and give our support.
(Applause from the left and the centre)
Strasbourg, 25 de Outubro de 2006, antes das 10 horas.

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